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Friday, 3 April 2015

Poetry Feature: KOROR STATE

K nown as the heart of Palau
O ften taken for granted by
R eason of wealth --
O nly state with continuously
R ising potential.

S treamingly with countless prospects displaying the
T raditions, culture, and the people of Palau
A ccessing the beauty of its cultural wealth and sharing it with
T he rest of the world --
E nabling international communication.

Koror, Palau

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Do not take anything for granted. Cherish the culture you have before it's too late.

Source:  http://micronesianpoetsclub.blogspot.com/

Poetry Month Feature: Palau's Beauty

In celebration of National Poetry Month, see the following featured poem:

Palau's Beauty
Palauans have a passion for dancing.
Behind each dance is a story
They’re known for their loud chanting
Their waters are their pride and glory
It’s a home to many a people
They take pride in the land they own
The bells ring in the village steeple
The happiness in their faces are shown.
(c) Sierra Diaz

Dededo, Guam

INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE:  Stand up and take pride in who you are!

Source:  http://micronesianpoetsclub.blogspot.com/